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2012 Situation Analysis of Global Industrial Laser
Time : 2014-6-19
Laser light having a high coherence, directivity and high strength characteristics, it is easy to get a high flux density, the intensity of the laser beam is focused onto a medium, the material using a laser beam to change the process of interaction with the nature of the substance, which is laser processing. Laser processing technology with optical, mechanical and electrical, materials, computers, control technology development has gradually developed into a new processing technology. Laser processing has a wide processing objects, small deformation, high precision, energy saving, low pollution, a significant advantage of remote processing, automated processing, to improve product quality and labor productivity, achieve process automation, eliminate pollution, reduce material consumption, etc. increasingly important role. Laser processing is mainly used in electronics, automobiles, machinery, iron and steel metallurgy, petroleum, light industry, medical equipment, packaging, gift industry, watches, civil explosive, clothing, cosmetics, tobacco, aerospace and other industries, and the range of applications more expanded widely used in laser drilling, laser texturing, laser cutting, laser welding, laser heat treatment, laser marking, laser engraving, etc. have been. 
Global demand for industrial laser market is cautiously optimistic 
According to Longbow Research Mark Douglas analysis, lower compared to last year at this time the mystery, the market demand for industrial laser is relatively positive, in the context of a weak manufacturing sector still has the single-digit growth. 
Industrial laser market demand is relatively positive, despite a slight slowdown: It seems from 2Q12 market demand generally slightly weaker than the mid / high-speed development period. Geographically speaking, the United States market growth Zhongping (lower than 2Q12); while the Chinese market is in a high single-digit growth (higher than 2Q12); German and French markets slightly lower than medium / high single-digit growth; Mexican market faster growth; Brazil due to the car market in August and the impact of the continued downturn in the situation. Some respondents said that Chinese OEMs laser cutting and engraving demand has increased, though not the United States in Asia and Europe market demand. 
The main technical developments: through technological innovation, low-power laser marking and engraving remain relatively robust demand (high single digits / high double-digit growth Y / Y). Two-dimensional laser cutting slightly known trend, but there is a wide range of applications, "outliers" applies to -20% to + 25% Y / Y growth, which is committed to market share changes in Douglas findings. Despite budgetary constraints, processing workshops and general manufacturing to CO2 and fiber laser technology is still interested, they did not fear fear hands feet at the time of investment. Many signs indicate that October EuroBlech (European market) and mid-November Fabtech (U.S. consumers) Ever since, the major investment decisions will come (or not come). Douglas pointed out that nowadays a competitive election limits the budget. 
Fiber laser market continues to be optimistic: Fiber Laser continue to get people to recognize and occupy a certain market share; "relative to the solid and the CO2 laser, the current product structure more conducive to fiber laser," Douglas said. In the two-dimensional cutting applications, the fiber laser is more rapid than expected accepted by the public; this situation will continue in 2013. He IPG to enter the field of aviation Q-CW laser (hereinafter also referred to), for example, its performance compared to RSTI / Nufern low-power laser capabilities and Trumpf ''s diode laser output is more advanced.
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