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Laser show: an ideological spark a tempting cake
Time : 2014-6-19
Our country is the largest producer and consumer display big country products, due to the chronic lack of core technology innovation, especially in the era of flat panel display, the entire industry is heavily dependent on imports of key components and the introduction of technology to maintain production, but unable to participate in international competition. In support of National 863 Program, the CAS Knowledge Innovation Project and other projects, the Chinese Academy of Sciences display key technologies in the field of laser achieved a leading international breakthrough, bringing a rare opportunity for our industry to display innovation, leapfrog development. 
Currently, the international laser display technology has been developed to the early stage of industrialization, the next 3-5 years will be a critical period of the global laser display technology industry development. But in China, across the industry seems on harder to technological breakthroughs. How can technology advantages into industrial advantages? Chinese Academy of Sciences in conjunction with private capital to promote the laser display technology industry, perhaps more for our country towards industrialization of high and new technology to provide some inspiration. 
Spark an idea 
Show research base in the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Laser Optical, make some short films era felt the laser sight. Flowers bloom, butterflies, fish, swim, all the usual scene, but clear and vivid images, the ultimate brilliant colors, to bring people is indescribable visual shock. 
In Beijing, there have been many viewers have the opportunity to experience such a visual feast. "Last July 17 start, this laser projectors in movie theaters on the 4th Star Hall show for six months, reflecting the audience very well. Because the laser display products into commercial operation is the first time in the world, so aroused great repercussions in the international arena . "specific person in charge of the hospital laser photoelectric display projects 毕勇博 Shi said. 
But who can imagine, laser display for the first time several years ago when China appeared entirely another scene. "I clearly remember Academician Xu Zuyan yard equipment using laser light sources for imaging the first scene, when we put the whole house to turn off all the lights in order to vaguely see the shadow of the image. Although very dim, but after imaging , and demonstrate the feasibility of this technology roadmap. this is the first integrated laser shows, a milestone. "Wang Yu, vice president of optoelectronic memories.
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