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Traditional Wen business transformation investment laser industry
Time : 2014-6-19
The day before yesterday morning, a steel processing plant Ruian Xu drove to the Wenzhou Municipal Science and Technology Museum, attracted his 2012 China Innovation Conference laser applications being held here. "Contact laser technology and traditional industries are getting closer, and in the first half we bought a local R & D laser cutting machine, in the course of the high-tech feel the benefits of this time wanted to come to know under what are laser technology can be used for me. "Mr. Xu said, smiling. 
Laser and optoelectronics industry cluster construction provides for upgrading of traditional industries in Wenzhou strong support, increase product added value, Wenzhou traditional industries but also for laser and optoelectronic industry clusters provide a huge market space. 
10 years ago, "Jia Tai laser" is engaged in clothing sales business, was affected by the higher cost of production factors, the transition into the laser industry. Mastered the core technology of the laser, the company manufactured the world's largest power laser cutting machine. This two kilowatts of laser cutting machine on 16 mm thick steel plate easily cut flower. 
Reporters saw this cutting machine is mainly controlled by the computer platforms, lasers and moveable work platform three member. During the presentation, the staff is first placed on steel work platform equipment, then expect a graphical interface into the computer system via USB, and finally click "OK" button, the laser is expected to follow the contours of the steel plate in the top of the left circle graph a few seconds to complete a standard ring cutting. The whole process is like holding a knife in the paper portrayed as easy. Accurate, fast and easy is the laser cutting machine and traditional craft of the biggest advantages compared to the punch. 
Wenzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau Xushun Dong said, Wenzhou industry to upgrade, we must vigorously promote strategic emerging industries. "Like a laser and optoelectronics industry cluster, it will bring new hope to Wenzhou." 
In recent years, Wenzhou power laser and optoelectronics industry cluster to support the construction industry growing scale, innovation has continued to improve, the initial formation of laser applications, semiconductor lighting, featuring optical communications industry chain, the emergence of a number of high value-added, high drive, high-growth area of strategic emerging industry clusters.
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